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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 3 ((russell- the fight for p>>russell: the fight for pflorida. residential candidates battle pfor delegates. ptwo of them will be in tampa ptoday. p>>laura: in trouble with the plaw. psome serious charges against psomeone from the tv show "fall pstars." p>>russell: beyonce surprises peveryone at a fundraiser for her pdaughter's school. pwe're going to show you that pvideo. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day tampa bay." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: i'm laura moody. pthat's all ahead and a whole lot pmore. pfirst we need the forecast from pdave. p>>dave: that's how i go visit pschools. eek-a-boo. plook at the sun.
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pfirst thing this morning. pthere we go. pyou can see, look at the pretty pstart to the day. pit's warm. pstarting to get -- i want to say pmuggy but you're starting to pfeel the humidity levels rise pjust a bit. ptake your kids off to the bus pstop, lovely. pjust lovely outside. pmid to upper 60s and expect pclouds, sunshine today. pwe're right back in the lower p80s for high temperatures. p>>vanessa: that was a well pattended, successful fundraiser pright there. pall right, dave. pthank you. plet's check the roadways right pnow. pwe have sky fox overhead, flech phe were just before you get to p75 and then eastbound direction, pwe have a crash where you can psee emergency vehicles blocking pthat right lane. pyou can see delays heading in pthat direction. plast hour of "good day" i pmentioned in the last report in pvehicle. pwe got this tweet from a viewer palong. plooks like it's a van so its
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p38th street and roosevelt pboulevard. pwe ould see delays in the area. p75. p12 minutes ride. pwe did have a crash but that's pcleared out now. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. ptuesday. pall the candidates know the pimportance of winning here. p>>russell: florida is a beener ptake all state and today hillary pclinton and bernie sanders will pboth be in tampa. pshayla reaves is covering that. pgood morning. p>>reporter: hi. pgood morning to you guys. ptampa center stage today for psanders. pthis comes at a critical time pfor both candidates. pthey're hoping to eventually psecure that democratic pnomination so florida is pimportant for a few reasons. pit's long been considered a pbattleground state and there are p214 delegates on the line. pboth hillary clinton and bernie psanders are hoping to collect pand collecting for either of pthem could be a significant oint.
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psecretary clinton is leading poverall. psenator sanders has 600. ptoday both candidates are pbringing their message to tampa. pif you would like to be a part pto know. pin a few hours, former secretary phillary clinton will be here in pybor for a get out the vote prally happening at the vits -- pritz ybor. pshe's scheduled to speak at pnoon. prsvp is suggested and you can do pso on her website. pthey're also asking for the ublic to park with a fee at the pcentral ybor garage. pthis afternoon, senator bernie psanders is holding a free future pto believe in rally happening at pthe fairgrounds and doors open pat 4:00. arking is available there for a pfee. ptickets are not required but prvsvp is encouraged. psecurity is asking that you
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pkeys and your cell phone, don't pbring bags and do not bring pweapons or anything harmless or pdangerous along with not pbringing chairs or banners on psticks, for example. pnone of those items are allowed. pwe'll have crews inside fosh pboth events and keep you posted pthroughout the day. pback to you. p>>russell: see you in a little pwhile. pright now hillary clinton has a p27 point advantage over bernie psanders. pthat's in florida. psanders has 34%. pthat's not stopping him, though, pfrom trying to get an upset. pwashington. p>> bernie sanders came into last pnight's debate with a bit more pswagger after his huge comeback pwin in michigan and it showed. phe did not hold back in going pafter hillary clinton. p>> excuse me. pexcuse me. p>>russell: hillary clinton and pbernie sanders clashed over the
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pweighs heavily on the minds of pflorida voters. p>> i say welcome those children pinto this country. psecretary clinton said, send pthem back. p>> he voted in the house with phard line republicans for pindefinite detention for pundocumented immigrants. p>>reporter: both candidates said pthey would not deport children pthat do not have criminal precords. p>> that's not going to happen. pi'm not even answering that pquestion. p>>reporter: on the republican pside, after a string of tough plosses, senator marco rubio says phe's not going anywhere and is pstill in this race for the long phaul. p>> i will be on that ballot on ptuesday. pi will campaign as long as and pas hard as it takes. pwe're going to the white house. pwe are going to win this pnomination. p>>reporter: the polls are not in
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platest fox news poll shows pdonald trump leading by more pthan 20 points in the sunshine pstate. p>> if i don't beat marco in pflorida, i employ thousands of eople in florida. p>>reporter: latest fox news olls are looking better for pjohn kasich who is currently pbeating trump in his home state pby five points. pted cruz is stuck in third place pin both ohio and florida. p>>russell: and it's starting to plook pretty obvious that senator prubio will have to drop out of pthe race if he doesn't win pflorida. parizona senator told reporters, pquote, i think everybody knows pthat. phe's one of the biggest psupporters during his campaign. pif he withdraws from the race, prubio may be done with politics pfor awhile. phe said he has no desire to be pvice president. p>> i am not running to be
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pi'm not looking to be anyone's pvice president. pi want to be president of the punited states or i'll be a rivate citizen. pthere's nothing wrong with being pa private citizen. pso i -- i love public service pbut it's what i do. pit's not who i am. p>>russell: now, take a look at pthis picture. pit's going to give you an idea pof some of this uphill battle pthat senator rubio is facing. pthis is from a rally. icture shows a pretty sparse pcrowd filling the end zone in a pnearly empty football stadium. pwe're guessing 200, 300 people. p>>laura: jeb bush is meeting rivately with all the remaining prepublican candidates with the pexception of one. pdonald trump. pbush met with marco rubio pyesterday. phe's expected to meet with ted pcruz and john kasich today. pbush and trump never got along pduring the campaign. pso what's next for the pcandidates? psanders is crisscrossing florida ptoday. pclinton is off to north carolina pafter her stop here in tampa ptoday and republicans will face
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pthe university of tampa. pit is the last time they will be pon stage together before ptuesday's primary races in pflorida, ohio, illinois, pmissouri and north carolina. p>> look at this. pthe whole family. pare you kidding me? p>>russell: let's say this. pit takes a lot to surprise grady pjudd. pthis case did. pthree brothers accused of ptorturing and killing a man in plakeland and then they called ptheir dad to dispose of the pbody. psheriff is calling it vigilante pjustice today. pthe family members will be pfacing a judge in bartow. phere is what the sheriff said phappened. pbrian, anthony and nathan pjohnson and a friend were pseeking revenge. pa woman said that robert banks praped her. pthe three men beat him with a ipe while strangling him with
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pburned his body. pthe brothers then, according to pthe sheriff, called their dad to phelp dump the body in the green pswamp. pdetectives say the guys took ictures, even bragged about pwhat they had done. p>> that helps a lot. pwhen you're going around showing ictures and saying, don't worry pabout robert anymore. pwe've taken care of him. phe's dead. p>>russell: investigators say pthey're not sleetly sure if pbanks actually raped the woman. phis fiance says he wouldn't hurt panybody. pthe brothers are charged with pfirst degree murder. pthe father is charged as an paccessory. p>>laura: pasco county detectives pneed your help locating a man. phere he is. phe's accused of trying to psuffocate and kidnap a woman the pother night. pthe victim claims they were psitting in his car when she said pno to an offer to smoke pmarijuana. pwhen she went to leave, she said pthat he put a plastic bag over pher head. pshe was able to break free.
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plike this with a florida tag pnumber. pcall the pasco county sheriff's poffice if you know where he is. pand look closely at this. pthis is a composite sketch of pthe man who tried to abduct an p11-year-old girl in polk county. pshe was walking home from a bus pstop in the area of thousand arkway. pwe're told that the girl -- pmom. phe told the girl, rather, her pmother was in the hospital and phe was coming to pick her up. pshe didn't believe him and she pran away. pthis happened in davenport. pif you know where he is, call pthe number. p>>russell: 7:10 right now. pflorida health officials confirm pthe first sexually transmitted pcase of the zika virus in the pstate. pit's two cases in polk county. pthe other is a patient who got pthe virus while travelling. pthere are now 52 cases of zika pin florida. pso far, though, no indication of pany mosquitos in florida
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pand it may take a few years pbefore there's a vaccine to ptreat zika. pby then the current outbreak pwill probably be over with. pworld health organization says pthat hundreds of researchers are pworking on a vaccine. phuman krin clinical trials are pseveral months away. p>>laura: a trip to space. pwhen to start packing your bag. p>>russell: and parking rivileges. psuperhero. pnot batman, not superman. pthese are real life superheroes. pfirst we need to talk about psuper weather. p>>dave: indeed. pmid to upper 60s this morning. pa couple of spots might be in pthe lower 60s but not for long pnow that the sun is up. phead to the strawberry festival ptoday. panother beautiful day. pa little breezy. ptemperatures making their way pback to the lower 80s. pi think overall, we'll stay in colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide,
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pwhat a picture for you. pall children's hospital camera pcoming up over the bay, psouth-southeast winds at 16. p68 with the south-southeast pwind, it's just going to be panother warm kind of breezy day. plet's check a couple of cameras. pbrookdale bayshore also in the pmid 60s. p11 miles an hour. plakeland, there's a beautiful psun up. psoutheast winds at eight but pthey're also sitting in the mid p60s. pnow, most areas are just a shade pwarmer than yesterday. plet's say one to four degrees pwarmer than yesterday at this ptime. pyou can't tack those 40s onto pthe afternoon. pit doesn't work that way. pbut we may be a degree or two pwarmer than yesterday just in pgeneral. pso the sunshine, here is that psoutherly component to the wind, pespecially along the coastline pwhere we have 10 to 16 pmile-per-hour winds that will ponce again pump temperatures up pquickly, getting back in the plower 80s. pyesterday we made it up to 82
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pabove that, especially inland pfor later this afternoon. pso high pressure holds tight phere. pthere's nowhere for this upper plevel low to go. pi mean, it's just under the gun. pso it continually just pumps in prain in places that have already icked up over a foot of rain. pi'm thinking northwest louisiana pis going to see a lot more pflooding today because there's palready big time flooding near pshreveport. plook at the rain coming at them pfrom the south and that's pdrifting toward the north. peventually this will start to pbreak down and move eastward but pthen, it's baton rouge and new porleans and those spots in line pfor several inches of rain. pby the time all of this makes it pto us later on sunday, just a pfew showers are expected. pso we're not going to get rain plike that. pwarm, breezy today with a high paround 83 degrees. ptonight clear, mild, you may
7:17 am
ptup of mugginess out there as pthe dew points start to rise and pthen mostly sunny for friday, pcontinued warm with a high ptemperature of 83 degrees. pit will be breezy offshore ptoday. pmoderate chop is posted. ptry to stay close to the pcoastline. pthe further you go, the choppier pit will be. pnext seven days, even after this pfront comes through, we still pare going to be in the upper p70s, lower 80s, lows in the 60s. pthere's your rain chance late on psunday, going into monday. p>>vanessa: not bad. pthank you, dave. p7:17. pa new crash to let you know peastbound along hillsborough pavenue. pyou know we're going to see pdelays here. pthis crash is reported at george proad and we're hearing that pemergency vehicles are going to pbe blocking a right lane. lan plenty of extra time to phead this way eastbound, as i psaid before. pwe'll keep you posted if the pdelays get too bad that you have pto take another route. psky fox has moved to the pinterstate. pthis is 75 in the area of fowler pavenue. pyou can see we have some pcongestion in the southbound
7:18 am
pwe're sitting in the yellow so pit's not terrible but it's pnoticeably slow. p12 minutes from bruce b downs pboulevard heading down to i-4. pwe're also quite heavy here. p275 southbound just under 30 pminutes to get from bearss pavenue to the interchange and pthen for you folks heading pwestbound along i-4 to the pinterchange, coming from that 75 pexit, that's about a 20 minute pride. p>>dave: they protect our lives pon a daily basis and now they'll phave an easier time parking as pwell in one florida city. p>>laura: coco is giving special arking privileges to active pduty member as long with cops pand firefighters. phere is more. p>>russell: the city of coco was pthe first to have parking rivileges. p>> i think it's awesome you're packnowledging them. p>>reporter: three spots are
7:19 am
pnot the type that wear a cape, pthe type that wear a uniform. pthe signs went up a few months pago and the city has plans to padd two more at a busy municipal plot nearby. p>> certainly the signs generated pa buzz immediately. pwe received no complaints as far pas parking spaces being limited. p>>russell: p>>reporter: the buzz caught the pattention of the sheriff and he pdecided to recognize veterans, ptoo, by putting special parking pspots at each of his precincts. p>> we absolutely love our pveterans and public safety pofficers and wanted to make sure pwe recognized them. p>>reporter: in all, the sheriff pwill reserve about 15 spots paround the county but he hopes pthere will be more. p>> hopefully other cities and pgovernments across the state and pthe country will pick up on the pidea as well and it's a very peasy thing to see the importance pand significance of. p>>reporter: it's a simple pgesture. p>> i want to say thank you for
7:20 am
p>>reporter: it's meant to say a plot. p>>russell: well, you know what? pwe have our share of superheroes pin the bay area. p>>laura: one of them is getting pa home makeover, too. pwalteraler is covering the pstory. pgood morning, walter. p>>walter: good morning. pyes, it's part of military pmakeover. pit's a show on lifetime. pwe're in the middle of the pmakeover. pthey have just hours to go pbefore the big reveal to the pkyle family. pmaybe i'll even get in on the pact. pthat's on the other side of the pbreak. pfirst charley belcher, we had a plittle beer tasting in the pstudio yesterday. pyou weren't able to attend. pyou can have your own beer out pthere. p>>charley: i am drinking nothing pbut coffee this morning, thank pyou very much. pwe are visiting cigar city. poh, yes. ptony janis, highlight classic, plook at all of these beers being
7:21 am
pcigar city, arguably the most psuccessful story when it comes pto craft beer that put tampa bay pon the map. pwe'll talk about that, how they
7:22 am
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3 ((laura welcome back to good day tampa p>>laura: welcome back. ptime right now is 7:23. pand police near pittsburgh are phunting for two killers. p>>russell: they fatally shot pfive people who were attending a pbackyard house party. pfour of those victims were pwomen. ptwo other people are in critical pcondition. pmany of them were shot while ptrying to run inside to hide. olice don't have a motive. p>>laura: and jacksonville police pdetective is fighting for his plife this morning. phe was shot in the neck and head pwhile attempting to stop someone pwho drove away from a domestic pdispute. olice say that the gunman pthreatened to kill his pgirlfriend a few minutes pearlier. pthat detective was driving his p14-year-old son to school at the ptime and the boy saw it all phappen. pthe gunman led police on a chase pbefore his arrest. pofficers shot him four times.
7:25 am
p>>russell: police in vegas parrest one of the stars of the ptv show "pawn stars." p33-year-old austin lee russell pfacing felony weapon and drug pcharges. pthey found meth, marijuana and pat least one gun in his home pwhile serving a search warrant pin a sexual assault pinvestigation. pno charges yet of the sex crime pallegation that stems from a precent complaint by a woman. p>>laura: today is the last day pthat the public will be able to pview the casket from former pfirst lady nancy reagan. phouse speaker paul ryan went pyesterday to pay his respects. pthe casket is on display at the pronald reagan presidential plibrary in simi valley, pcalifornia. pa private funeral will be held ptomorrow. p>>russell: a space company pexpects to launch first human ptest flights into space next pyear. pblue origin says that thousands pof people have expressed pinterest in paying for a trip on
7:26 am
pdeposits yet. pthat's coming soon. p>>dave: almost 7:26 and i have a ptemperature range of 62 to about p68 degrees so pretty similar, pmaybe a degree or two warmer in pyour area than yesterday at this ptime. plook at what is beginning to psneak back in. phumidity. pand that's, again, several days pin a row with south-southeast pwind will do that to you. pwe're going to watch the dew oints rise slowly, getting in pthe muggy category by tomorrow. p83, 83, warm and breezy. pwe may even squeeze out another psunshine to make 80 on sunday pbefore a chance of showers moves pin. pwe'll talk more about that in pthe next half hour. p>>vanessa: see you then. pright now we have sky fox poverhead hillsborough county, palamo drive, westbound just pbefore you get to 75. pwe do have a crash that you can psee right there, right hand pshoulder not blocking any travel planes, not really a delay
7:27 am
pyou for any crews you see on the pside of the roadway. pwe showed you the interstate ptravel times before. pi want to check in on the pveteran expressway since that ptends to jam up just a bit. psouthbound travel times, looks plike we're dealing with the pusual congestion. p31 minutes top to bottom and pthen you see most of your delays pbetween ehrlich and waters. p>>russell: confusion. pi love these stories. pthe whole world, with everything pwe have to worry about, this is pthe one. pconfusion over bernie sanders' psuit last night. pcoming up, you try to make a pguess. p>>laura: it may well be the most pentertaining pentertaining, delightful story pout of this primary. pcute and culledy pup y y -- cuddly uppies that are ready for padoption. p>>reporter: good morning. p>>laura: look at that face. pthis is the one that likes to be pcarried like a baby, right?
7:28 am
pthis is his sister. pthis is the one that liked to be pcarried like a baby. phe was giving me earlier kisses. pthese are five. pyou may remember by now, i may pgo home with a puppy today. pmy kids would love me. pi will tell you this. peight of these dogs were pactually found on the side of pthe road not too long ago and pfive of them are up for adoption ptoday beginning at 12:00. pwe'll introduce you to the other pfour siblings up next on "good
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
pthis is a great s3 happening today, a group of puppies are ready p>>laura: happening today, a pgroup of puppies are ready for padoption. pthey were found last month in a
7:32 am
pthey were in bad shape. pthey were left to die, in fact. pit took this long to nurse them pback to health. palcides segui is at the humane psociety of tampa bay to tell us pabout another batch of puppies pthey're deciding to help, too. pgood morning. p>>russell: seriously? p>>reporter: laura, russell, you pkidding me? plook at this. pthis is just -- we could just pshow this all day and not say a pword. pour ratings would skyrocket. plook at the way -- joe, come phere for a minute. plook at his pose. phis paws are on my elbow, just prelaxing. phe's shaking a little bit pbecause he's so nervous. pthese dogs are so adorable. pwe're at the humane society of ptampa bay. pnot too long ago, you received pthese dogs and they were beat up retty bad. p>> horrible. pno fur, scabs all over them, pvery thin. pbut look at them now. pthey've really, really come paround.
7:33 am
plittle bit more. pwe're going to offer them up for padoption today but they've pimproved dramatically. pwe have free heart worm and flea rotection for a year. pthe community support for these pguys that were just in bad pshape. p>>reporter: we do have video of pone of the little puppies that's pover here and he's sleeping. pbut we had video that you can ptell his legs, they were bow plegged but now, the vitamins and pfood, he's great. p>> sometimes it's just food and pgood exercise and these poor pup pi didn't see were -- pup ypies pwere grooif deprived of that. p>>reporter: you're going to pdrive to gainesville because pyou're rescuing 13 dogs or psomething?
7:34 am
pi'll leave here at 9:00, about a p2 1/2 trip. parkansas, there was a puppy mill pthat had 259 dogs in bad shape. phumane society rescued them. pwe're going to go get some. p>>reporter: they'll be up tore padoption in a couple of days? pweeks? p>> days. p>>reporter: i see a trend with pthese dogs. peveryone wants to be carried plike a baby. pthey're so adorable. pall right. pso these dogs will be -- they're pmicro chipped, they have all the pshots, everything set up for pless than $200, you can adopt pthem here. pthey open at 12:00. pand of course, you guys got pother animals here up for padoptions. pthank you, guys. pi really appreciate it. pi'll be facebooking this live in pa couple of minutes so you can psee these dogs and just spend a plittle more time on their names,
7:35 am
pi love them. pjennifer epstein. pi love you for doing this passignment. p>>laura: we all love her. pi know. pit's tough being you. pi'm guessing it's just a matter pof time before these guys find phomes, every single one of them. plook at that face. pall right. p>>reporter: and check this out. pover here, i don't know if you precognize that name, i'm sure pyou do, a photojournalist, he's palready adopted one. pthat's his little one back pthere. papparently his wife wasn't so phappy for a whopping two or pthree minutes. ponce she sees the dog and how pbeautiful it is, i'm sure she's pgoing to love him. p>>laura: we have to go. pthank you. p>>russell: wow. pall right. pmarch is here. pthat means spring breakers are pflooding in and if you feel a plittle more surrounded by ptourists than usual, it's pbecause you are. ptransportation security padministration, t.s.a., pexpecting 4.5% more spring
7:36 am
pinternational this month. pthat means more than 33,000 eople will pass through the pairport's check point every day. pof course, that's nearly 44,000 pextra people in the month of pmarch which is a lot. pit's no wonder. pexpedia says that tampa bay is pone of the top five destinations pfor spring break. pon top of that, plane tickets to ptampa are 9% lower. p>>laura: we know that tampa bay pis the place to be on spring pbreak. pwhat about saint paddy's day? pyeah. pwe have that holiday covered, ptoo. pwallet hub has named tampa the psixth best place to celebrate pst. patrick's day. pthey ranked 100 cities. ptradition, safety and weather pand tampa soared to the top of pthe list with the second most pirish pubs per capita in the pentire country. pboston takes the number one spot pwhich makes sense. pwallet hub named boston the most
7:37 am
pforce awakens" has been a pblockbuster. pmore than $2 billion in global pticket sales. pone of the new characters is re preign. eople think she's the wrong erson for the role. pand jen is here now to tell us phow she's responding to all of pthat. p>>reporter: it's another case of pbody shaming. pthis time, critics are slamming pthe 23-year-old british actress pfor being too skinny. psomeone even posted a meme of pher on instagram and you can see pit here. pit's a picture and a still frame pof her star wars character psaying, i can't believe the punrealistic expectations i'm psetting for young girls. pwho cast me anyway? pdon't they know real women? pshe responded saying, quote, preal women are all shapes and psizes, all ethnicities, all plevels of brains.
7:38 am
pother woman in this world. pshe deleted the post later but pshe went on instagram to pcelebrate her character saying pshe will not apologize for her plooks because it's what's on the pinside most important anyway. pshe also reminded people of the pexpression, if you don't have panything nice to say, don't say panything at all. p>>laura: someone in pinellas ark is getting a makeover. pthey deserve it. pwalter allen is here to tell us pwhy. pgood morning. p>>walter: good morning. pthe family will be getting the pmilitary makeover. ptv show is on the lifetime pchannel and you guys basically pjust go around and find pdeserving families. pyou help them out. p>> we do. pit's really not about us. pit's about the families and this pfamily, the kyle family, you pknow, devin was in afghanistan, pmarine corps veteran and it's a psmall thing we do but it makes
7:39 am
p>>walter: the cohost, i can't pwait to talk to him. p>> you may regret saying that. p>>walter: i didn't have enough pcoffee. pi need somebody to wake me up. p>> he's like my alarm clock. phe's exactly that way. p>>walter: a lot of work to be pdone. pthe reveal is at 3:00. p>> 3:30. pwe can't show you anything. pthe family is in the area. pi know they love watching fox 13 pso we don't want to give way too pmuch. pthey know about their new pkitchen going in. pwe had local cabinet guy here pdoing the install for the brand pnew kitchen. pthey actually picked out the pfinish in the kitchen, the pfamily did. plater we'll show you the pbackyard. pthat was made up by a local plandscaper and the furniture, pthe whole deal. pit's really the full makeover. p>>walter: the kyle family, he pwas injured in afghanistan. pwhat was the situation with the phouse?
7:40 am
pmight have been a flip that they pbought so it was like kind of artially done. pthey're a young family, a young pchild so they really had not pestablished pictures on the pwall. pwe had all of their personal pstuff taken out. pshe -- they got all new pfurniture. pit will feel like a new home. pthey have new television, psecurity system, really great eople have come in and done pamazing things. pa lot of local people but pnational companies donated lots pof stuff. pwe have all new shades and peverything, security cameras peverywhere done by a rofessional company so it's preally awesome. p>>walter: coming up at 8:00, pdon't go anywhere. parlie is going to be on the pshow. pwe'll talk to him live. p>>laura: all right, walter. pthank you. p>>walter: i'm geeked out a plittle bit. pyeah. p>>russell: 7:40 right now. pthis could be a medical
7:41 am
pthousands of people on donor ptransplant lists. pdoctors have successfully paltered patient's immune systems pto allow them to accept kidneys pfrom what had been incompatible pdonors. pit's part of a large national pstudy just published in the new pengland journal of medicine. pthe process is called pdesensitivization and it could pslash the wait times. pit could be the difference pbetween receiving a transplant pand spending the rest of their plives on dialysis. p>>laura: and on the heels of pthat story, this one. pa little girl in wisconsin has pbeen on dialysis for years. pbut every time natosha has been pclose to getting her transplant, pshe's gotten an infection and pshe's been bumped off the list. pthat broke the heart of one of pher teachers. psecretly, mrs. schmidt got ptested to see if she's a match
7:42 am
psee shows her surprising pnatosha's grandmother with the pnews she's a perfect match. pisn't that great? pnatosha lives with her pgrandparents so that she can be pclose to the children's hospital pfor treatment. pshe goes there three times a pweek for dialysis. pmrs. schmidt, natosha's third pgrade teacher, says she's pinspired by her constant poptimism and attitude. pthat's why she's giving her the pkidney. pshe said watching natosha's pgrandmother's reaction is the pbest thing in life. pthe transplant will happen pshortly. pnatosha doesn't understand the pspecifics but she understands pthat mrs. schmidt is doing psomething really cool for her pthat in the end will make her pfeel better. phow is that?
7:43 am
pin sports the buccaneers made psure doug martin wasn't going to pjump ship. pshe gave the star running back a pfive-year contract yesterday pworth $35 million guaranteeing phim at least $15 million. pformer first round draft pick pthe bucs. pmartin made the pro bowl last pseason finishing second in prushing with more than 1400 pyards. p4.87 yards carry average was the phighest in team history. phow about this, though? pa shocker for the super bowl pchampion broncos. pquarterback who was just handed pthe reigns after peyton manning pretires is leaving. phe'll play for the texans after psigning a four-year, $72 million pcontract. pbroncos are shopping for a new pquarterback.
7:44 am
poption. p7:43. phow is that for a start to the pday?
7:46 am
7:47 am
pwe'll discuss t p>>dave: 7:47 and a gorgeous pstart to the day. plove visibility, you can see the ptampa skyline in the background. pwe slide around to the beach. pwe have a little bit of mid plevel cloudiness filtering in. pnotice how quiet it is now over pthe gulf as well. pwe're going to have a pretty pday. pwe're getting in the middle of pmarch now and our temperatures pare normal lows for this time of pyear. pwe could be in the upper 50s but pnowhere near that. pin fact, brandon, wait for the prest of us. pit's already 70 degrees in
7:48 am
pyou go further east, on 60 to pbartow where it's 61 degrees. p63 winter haven, haines city and pfrost proof. peverybody mild, mild, mild. p70s, too, southward down to key pwest. ptallahassee in the mid 60s. pyou get an area of high pressure pthat sits here in the western patlantic and it gets warmer and pwarmer. pthe big problems, of course, are pback here to the west. pwe have all that rain and pflooding in louisiana. panother day and a half of this pmess. pthat's not going to change until pthat high pressure system breaks pdown, which will happen over the pweekend but until then, it will pcontinue to rain. pfor us, clouds and sunshine, pwarm, breezy, high of 83 pdegrees. pwake up tomorrow morning, it pwill be every bit as mild as it pis right now in many areas and pthen tomorrow's high will be palso around 83 degrees.
7:49 am
pevening, as high pressure breaks pdown, it may squeeze out a few pshowers, nothing like what pthey're getting in louisiana but pa few showers sunday night into pmonday morning leaving behind a pfront. phigh temperatures still slightly pabove normal, vanessa. p>>vanessa: looks good. p7:48. pwe're in pasco county. pwe're getting word of a new pcrash with lane blockage in the psouthbound direction and we're pseeing delays just south of pmitchell is where you'll see at pleast one of the travel lanes pblocked. retty solidly backed up. pessentially from mitchell pboulevard all the way down to ptrinity where it's taking about p11 minutes to get between the ptwo intersections so plan paccordingly. pmeantime, here's a live look pover the howard frankland pbridge. pnorth end of the bridge, pnorthbound traffic slowing down. p13 minutes your time across the pwater. p>>russell: among other things, pbeyonce is a cool mom.
7:50 am
pa surprise concert for her pdaughter's school this week. pshe belted out several songs. pthe event benefitted the center pfor early education in los pangeles. p>>laura: all right. pand this story. residential candidate bernie psanders sparked a fierce debate pon social media but this one has pnothing to do with politics. pthis is all about the color of phis suit during last night's pdemocratic debate. ptake a close look. pthis online war of words took peveryone back to 2015's the pdress debate, right? eople on twitter could not pagree on whether sanders was pwearing a black, blue or brown psuit during miami's debate. pthe hashtag sanders' suit pexploded. pso some people couldn't make up ptheir minds like twitter user pwho decided that sanders is pwearing a technicolor dream pcoat.
7:51 am
pstaffer who has to tell bernie psanders the biggest twitter cue pwas what color suit he was pwearing. pand we actually heard from psanders' staffer about 9:00 last pnight. phe said the candidate's suit was pblue. p>>russell: no, it's not. pthat's not blue. pno. p>>laura: it sure doesn't look plike that. pabout three hours later, the pstaffer corrected himself and psaid that it was black. peither way -- p>>russell: do you think so? p>>laura: in that picture -- i pdon't know. pit looks brown to me. p>>russell: looks brown to me. p>>laura: you and i see the same pcolors in these kinds of pdebates. p>>russell: we do. pwe're usually on the same page. pvanessa? p>>laura: what do you think? plet us know. p>>russell: we'll put it out on pfacebook, twitter, whatever. pthat's something. p>>laura: we're going to go to pcharley. pi have to tell you this.
7:52 am
p>>russell: looks brown to you, pcharley? p>>laura: everyone is chiming in. p>>charley: looks brown to jason palso. p>>russell: i kept saying brown. pit's not an endorsement for pbernie sanders, by the way. p>>charley: trump says it's pgreen. ptrump says it's green. pmy vote is for beer. phow about that? pand cigar 3 pstanding this morning. pthis is where all the magic phappens for cigar city. pif you've enjoyed maybe a little ptampa style lager, this is where pit happens. pstick around, everybody.
7:54 am
7:55 am
pcontinuing to grow p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming from pcigar city. ptheir main brewery. pthey have some group of prestaurants around town, there's pthe airport, they're all over pthe place. pyesterday was a birthday. pseven years cigar city has been paround. pwhat does it mean to be a roduction manager at cigar pcity?
7:56 am
pscheduling, everything takes to pget the beer in the glass pthrough all of our departments, pthrough brewing, all the way to ackaging where we put it in pbottles, kegs and cans. p>>charley: tampa is on the map pfor craft beer. pcigar city a success story. p>> it is. pthrough our constitutes success, we've phelped other businesses and pother craft breweries through pthe years. p>>charley: it's almost like a plearning tree. psomeone has a connection back to pcigar city. p>> we have a joke here. pwe don't know how long is going pto last at cigar city because pthey're bound to open up their pown brewery. p>>charley: but that's good. pi've heard that from other pbreweries, that you guys are pgracious and help others succeed pas well. pif it's all under the umbrella pof good craft beer, you're going pto help.
7:57 am
pwe can elevate craft beer as a pteam, we all win. p>>charley: tampa style lager is pthe new can. p>> we actually took the recipe pand scaled it down a little, plowered the alcohol, made it a plittle more drinkable so it does pwell in the florida heat. p>>charley: tampa bay beer week, roud to be a part of. pa lot going on. p>> we send reps out and actually eople from the brewery but it pall goes up and escalates to our pbig event on saturday. p>>charley: all right. pstick around, everybody. pwe're going to continue to poke paround and explore cigar city. pstick around and have a "good pda the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
7:58 am
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. as we edge closer to the pwell as we get closer to a pflorida primary tampa becomes pground zero for hillary clinton pand bernie sanders today. p>> plus, fresh off at boat, pcaptain keith from at discovery pchannel's deadliest catch is plive here in studio this pmorning. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. phey effecting it's an 8 o'clock pi am laura moody. pgood morning we thank you for pwaking up with us on this pthursday more than march 10th we pwill get over to dave with a plook at the forecast. phow about 70 degrees an p8 o'clock in the morning. pwe're there. pan also noticing as well that


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